California small business and individual health insurance

This page includes news and tips for small business owners and self-employed people who purchase their own health insurance.

Individual major medical insurance enrollment for 2018 is open from November 1 through January 31, 2018 at Covered California web site. We offer limited free personal support with questions through OnlineNavigatorTM service.

Short term options, dental coverage, supplemental insurance and other health benefit plans are available through multiple sources. We suggest Smart Insurance Marketplace as the first place to look. Telephone and email support is available.

11/5/2017 California officials announce that the state’s health insurance market is healthier than other places in the nation because California’s insurance market is not dictated by the terms of the federal government and President Trump’s attempts to disrupt the insurance market by shortening enrollment period, firing navigators and cutting subsidy payments. California residents enjoy an extended enrollment period, adequate enrollment assistance and full subsidies. “We’re rock solid” Covered California Executive Director Peter Lee said, “We have very affordable options, we’re stable today and we’re going to be here long term.”

85% of applicants for coverage in California will qualify for a subsidy that brings the average cost of coverage to $115 per month. Those not eligible for a subsidy pay an average of about $600 per month.