New York small business and individual health insurance

This page includes news and tips for small business owners and self-employed people who purchase their own health insurance.

Individual major medical insurance enrollment for 2018 is open from November 1 through December 15, 2017 at the federal government’s insurance web site. You can see plans and rates without creating an online account here. We offer limited free personal support with questions through OnlineNavigatorTM service.

Short term options, dental coverage, supplemental insurance and other health benefit plans are available through multiple sources. We suggest Smart Insurance Marketplace as the first place to look. Telephone and email support is available.

11/202017 The State of New York stepped in to block and fine Cigna Insurance for offering low cost health insurance to New York small businesses. The policies did not meet state requirements for maximum out-of-pocket limits for insurance in the state. The President of the United States recently signed an executive order encouraging the interstate sale of less expensive insurance, there is no requirement that New York state follow this order. The state is concerned that the insurer “cherry picks” healthy groups and this practice will cause insurance rates to rise faster for it’s less healthy groups. Cigna was fined $2 million and presumably won’t sell any more of these policies in the state.