Now available without charge: Freedom Benefits' small business flexible employee benefit plan  redesigned for 2014 to allow access to subsidized insurance through the exchanges. To get your own copy, just visit us on Facebook and "like" our page. Tony Novak will respond directly to your message.

One stop employee benefit plans for small businesses

Who is eligible? Businesses that use any Freedom Benefits affiliate* for 2014 online insurance enrollment are eligible to use our cafeteria-style employee benefit plan resources at no additional charge. Other businesses are eligible at a modest fee; see the pricing page. Fees for accounting and advisory services still apply.

* 2014 insurance exchange enrollment affiliations are still being developed at this time but should be announced soon. We expect to endorse a change from our former affiliation with to a new arrangement with Ehealth through the Members Insurance Exchange.

What is included? Electronic delivery of plan documents, employee notices and claim submission are included in the basic package.

What benefits are available? Any combination of exchange-purchased health insurance (with or without subsidies), supplemental insurance (individual or group), life insurance, Health Savings Account, Flexible Spending Account, and other benefits on request.

 What options are available? For an additional fee, we provide assistance with payroll integration, claims administration and annual reporting (if required).

What are the advantages? A flexible benefit plan allows an employer to take control and maximize options available under Obamacare:

  • Break free of the control of insurance companies
  • Allow employees access to health insurance exchanges
  • Access savings available through insurance subsidies
  • Take advantage of available tax credits
  • Make maximum use of health reform options
  • Reduce overall insurance costs
  • Empower employees with personal help with health benefits
  • Change the fundamental focus of employee benefit plans to help boost overall employee health and financial welfare


What's New:


Taxation of small business health plans article

New article 3/4/2012: "Taxation of small business health plans"


Benefit plan documents

Freedom Benefits provides prototype plan documents, checklists and sample communications for most types of employee benefit plans. See the site map for a list of plan documents currently available.

These employee benefit plans include features specifically requested by many small business owners:

  1. Employer controls the cost - contribute exactly the amount budgeted
  2. Employees can customize and supplement benefits
  3. Maximize tax-free benefits and tax credits
  4. A single professional contact person for all employee benefit service issues
  5. No ongoing contract; use only service necessary or discontinue at any time
  6. Employer maintains complete control over the company's benefit plans

Call Tony Novak, CPA at (800) 609-0683 or send an e-mail message to schedule a discussion about how your firm can save money and improve employee satisfaction by taking full advantage of the power of today's consumer-empowered health benefit and retirement savings plans.

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