Need help with health care reform? help with health care reform

health insurance check listSmall business health plan checklist

A simple one page guide to help guide your into how to comply with the provisions of the Affordable Care Act and identify opportunities to save money and improve health benefits. Download it here.

See this new article "Six things employers can to to help employees who hate their health insurance".

Take advantage of our free professional review of your small business health plan

Check your plan for compliance, cost savings, and ways to improve benefits

Tony Novak, Certified Public Accountant, offers a no-cost / no-obligation review of your small business health plan. The review is designed to check for compliance with current law, identify opportunities to save money and improve health benefits for employees. You receive a written review report that may be used to plan additional action.

Freedom Benefits does not sell small business health insurance or related group administrative services but may be paid for referring clients to insurance exchanges or other third party service providers.

This is a limited offer for U.S. businesses in current operation with less than 50 employees. The review service is designed for firms comfortable using online conference or video technology, but may be conducted by telephone. The review typically involves one or two conference calls of less than 30 minutes in total. This offer is subject to our Terms of Service.

To get started, download a copy of the small business health plan checklist above and contact Tony Novak to schedule a review at your convenience.

Call small business employee benefit planner Tony Novak, CPA, MBA, MT at (800) 609-0683 x2 to ask how your firm can adopt a flexible benefit plan to improve employee satisfaction with benefit options.

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