Pricing of services

For benefit plans with an effective date of January 1, 2016 services are available at the following rates:

Service Rate
benefits planning and design consultation $300 flat rate*
plan document1 no charge
summary plan description1 no charge
health plan compliance toolkit to avoid tax penalties no charge
employee communications no charge
employee enrollment support no longer offered
health plan claims administration $12 per employee per month4
employee assistance programs varies/customized
discrimination testing $200/hour (if required2)
preparation of benefit plan financial statements $200/hour (if required2)
tax form preparation $200/hour (if required2)
commercial insurance enrollment 50% of enroller's fee or agent's commission
public insurance enrollment through an affiliated exchange Not offered at this time
Other benefits enrollment (non-commissioned) $200/hour3
Audit services $200/hour (if required2)

In order to maintain this low fee schedule we assume the following:

These conditions are designed to keep keeps to a minimum. Changing these principles will change the pricing of services.

* See for the latest information about the flat fee consultation.

1 Except investment company proprietary 401(k) plan documents that may have a separate fee. Our sample prototype plan documents should be presented to your attorney for review.

2 These services are usually not required for small business employee benefit plans.

3 This cost may be paid by either the employer or the employee. Some firms offer this service as a qualified employee benefit program while others consider it a personal financial planning expense.

4 We prefer to not provide this service when another qualified third party claim administration service provider is available through the health insurance carrier.

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