Privacy policy

We take privacy and security issues seriously and encourage you to consider impact of the privacy policies of each relevant entity before sharing your personal information.

Information collected. During the regular course of our work, Freedom Benefits receives personal information about our clients. At a minimum, we collect your name, address and e-mail address. You may also choose to provide additional information about your business, personal financial information or medical information.

Non-disclosure. Except as explained below in the Authorized Disclosure section, your personal information is not shared with anyone and is used only to answer the questions that you may ask the adviser.

Authorized Disclosure. You may request that we communicate with another company with regard to your insurance or benefit issue. For example, you may ask to obtain a price quote or whether you meet the eligibility requirements for a program. In those cases we share the minimum information necessary to complete the service requested.

Other companies. Each other company, insurance exchange, government entity and insurance company maintains its own privacy policy. Some of these policies vary significantly from our own. You should be aware that there is not universally adapted standard of privacy with regard to the control and use of customer information. When you give an authorization to disclose information as described in the Authorized Disclosure section above, the control of you information falls under the control of the other company and its own privacy policy. Federal and state laws (HIPAA and ACA, for example) are designed to both protect and to further distribute your personal information with these companies. We believe that all of our affiliated companies have adapted acceptable customer privacy policies and maintain effective control of private customer information.

Security. We maintain internal information security measures that meet or exceed the standards of the financial advisory industry. However, neither our services nor our Web sites are intended to meet the security requirements of HIPAA for personal health information nor do we handle online financial transactions. Both of these require secure connections that are handled by other companies away from our Web site. We use standard commercial e-mail, telephone and Internet connections, not secured e-mail, telephone or Internet. Security is maintained through the use of passwords, firewalls and other conventional forms of online business security.

Educational publishing. We republish generic edited benefit plan questions and our responses (Q&As) and other educational content forms after removing all personally identifying information. For example, if you send us a message asking whether a specific insurance plan is available to one person businesses in your state, we may republish that question along with our response after removing your name and any other personal information.

Contact. If you have any concerns about Freedom Benefits' privacy issues please contact Privacy Officer Tony Novak by email or at the address below.


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