Why the (.ORG)?

I am sometimes asked why Freedom Benefits uses a .org web site that is traditionally used for nonprofit organizations. The issue was raised by a Yahoo Finance reporter in 2013 and later picked up by the BBB. The short explanation is that it just evolved that way without much consideration.

There are actually three reasons that led up to this:

Freedom Benefits formerly used several different web sites to distinguish between unrelated lines of business. The .org was used as described below as an online industry library

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, the .net was used to compile insurance listings and the .com was used for the consulting business.

The intention and original use of the .org web site was to host an serve a library of public domain employee benefit documents that could be used by industry professionals n serve to build PR for my own practice. That plan ran into trouble when some abused the service and one professional regulatory organization challenged the service as an unauthorized practice of law. Rather than risk these consequences in the line of “no good deed goes unpunished” I removed the online employee benefits document library. That meant that the .org domain was temporarily idle and unused. Some educational materials under the brand name “Freedom Benefits University” were added in the interim.

Then I accidently lost the .com domain to cybersquatters during a period of medical  disability and refused to pay the ransom to get the domain back. So I mover the consulting services to the .org site.

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