Today’s the day!

All year people have asked me about open enrollment in health insurance. Today’s the day! Open enrollment goes until December 15. Coverage starts January 1, 2018. Most people are eligible for affordable coverage and the web site is quite impressive. But there are three things to watch out for:

1- Technical problems on I’ve already been snagged on one technical issue this morning.

2-Lack of navigator help. If you have questions it may be harder to find help due to reduced funding for navigators.

3-Tax complications. The integration between and the IRS is stepped up this year. The result

, for some people, is difficultly getting advance premium credits. If this happens, most people will need additional help from the exchange staff and this may take some effort.

I offer limited independent free help with health insurance questions through OnlineNavigator web site. This service is not associated with any government agency, program or insurance company. It’s just something that I do as a community service.

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