Highlights of VBA Accident Medical Expense Insurance

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Value Benefits America (VBA) Accident Medical Expense Plan Highlights:

VBA Including Accident Medical Expense
VBA Membership With Accident Medical Expense Plus AD&D
Accident Coverage – Best in Class – Great complement for High Deductibles
Issue ages 18-64 – Guarane Issue – Fast/Easy Issue
For: Individuals, Families or GROUPS (EFT or List Billing)
AME Benefit levels: $2,000 to $25,000
No social security number required
No Occupational, Activities Or Sports Excluded
VBA Association Group Membership includes: 24/7 Telemedicine (telephonic or video) – No Cost consultations with Board Certified Physicians,  Unlimited Use
$35/month for a Family – $2,000 AME benefit – each covered person

, each accident

Who purchases this coverage?
Anyone that has a medical plan with high deductibles or can’t afford other coverage.

A summary of benefits is covered here.

The source of this content is the product brochure.

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