Interim major medical insurance

At some point in the middle of the year we may find ourselves without medical insurance. Regular major medical insurance is normally not available until the following January 1. Insurers and federal regulators are tightening the rules for mid-year enrollments

, called a special enrollment period, to make it even tougher to get coverage outside of the annual enrollment period,

Fortunately several types of alternate coverage plans are available to most people. You must pay the whole cost because government subsidies are not available for this type of coverage. An employer can pay part or all of the cost because these alternate plans are not subject to market reforms as explained in IRS Notice 2015-17.

Plans vary from state to state. I recommend the “Smart Insurance Marketplace

, an online insurance exchange run by a private insurance technology company I;ve worked with this company for many years and have sent hundreds

, maybe thousands, of satisfied customers to them over more than a decade.

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