OnlineAdviser private client services protected from changes in other state laws

OnlineAdviser service provides advice in all states and has served tens of thousands of individuals and employers since our founding in 1995. The focus of this advice is often employee benefit plan design, privacy and security and healthcare issues. Recently commotion surrounding abortion benefits has been in the news. We wish to be clear that none of this affects the benefit plans, insurance or advice provided to our users.

Freedom Benefits and OnlineAdviser are businesses located and operated under the laws of New Jersey where such advisory and employee benefits services are lawful. Providers are protected from the laws of other states that may differ.

Privacy for out-of-state residents

New Jersey law establishes protections for patients and providers. For patients, the legislation helps ensure residents of other states who seek reproductive health care in New Jersey can access confidential care without fear of prosecution. For providers, the legislation insulates healthcare practitioners from New Jersey-initiated disciplinary actions based on the provision of reproductive health care, including abortion, that is legal in New Jersey.

New Jersey law A-3975/S-2633 prevents the disclosure of a patient’s medical records related to reproductive health care without their consent in any civil, probate, legislative or administrative proceeding. It also prohibits public entities and employees from cooperating with interstate investigations aiming to hold someone liable for seeking, receiving, facilitating, or providing reproductive health care services that are legal in New Jersey.

It would further protect providers by prohibiting New Jersey licensing boards from suspending, revoking, or refusing to renew the license or registration of a professional based solely on their involvement in the provision of reproductive health care services.

Protection from extradition

New Jersey law A-3974/S-264) prevents the extradition of an individual within New Jersey to another state for legal consequences of receiving, providing, or facilitating reproductive health care services that are legal in New Jersey.

The combination of these laws is commonly referred to as New Jersey’s effort to create a strong “abortion sanctuary “. Freedom Benefits and OnlineAdviser services have no bias or opinion on these difficult issues other than our absolute commitment to uphold client privacy and to continue to offer the full range of legal employee benefit services u see the law.

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