Fixing the Affordable Care Act?

Yesterday Democrats in the US House of representatives introduced a bill to undue the changes that the current President made to the Affordable Care Act and attempt to fix many of the broken parts of the law. The bill is called “Undo Sabotage and Expand Affordability of Health Insurance Act of 2018“.

Since the Democrats are expected to take majority control of the House of Representatives this year it seems possible that this or similar bills could be approved. Even so, the bill is largely symbolic at this point, it is highly unlikely to become law under the current president,

In short, this bill is the exact opposite of what the Republican Party wants.  It would expand availability of qualified health insurance and undo the expansion of limited benefit insurance.

The focus of my attention and the purpose of this blog is to help clients prepare for and cope with whatever the health plans and laws are, and not to take a side or offer an opinion as to the merits of any plan.

Q&A about immediate outpatient costs

Many people think they can buy insurance for immediate medical expenses. It doesn’t work that way. But there are still other things to consider. Insurance is mandatory (even if it excludes pre-existing conditions) to gain entry into some treatment programs. It isn’t mentioned in this post but in severe cases Medicaid issues need to be discussed.

Q: Hi, I’m looking for a plan that will help cover some of the cost for an Intensive Outpatient Program at xxxxxxxxx, I start the program on Monday January 8 and I’m looking for an insurance plan that will help with some of the coverage because since I don’t have insurance the program is 125 per day and that’s expensive. Is there any way you could point me to the right direction for a plan to help?

A: Hi xxxxxxxxxx. Sorry you are facing this situation. There is no U.S. insurance available right now that pays for what you are asking so I suggest two things:

1) Be careful of advertising or sales agents who say this is covered

2) Consider whether it is better to have some other insurance rather than none at all. Some facilities will treat patients where the specific procedure is not covered but won’t treat them if they have no insurance at all.

Then next time you have access to open enrollment, you can get covered for these types of expenses. Meanwhile the available insurance plans you are considering do not cover this immediate planned medical expense.

Tony Novak