Small Business Health Plan Compliance Toolkit

A simple packaged solution to help small business owners and advisers comply with 2015 tax law changes for employer-provided health plans and mitigate potentially severe tax penalties.

Purpose of Toolkit

Toolkit Contents

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This toolkit is designed to help small businesses and tax advisers avoid or minimize the tax penalties included in the 2015 market reform requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Specifically, the kit helps firms end non-compliant practices and convert their offending health plan arrangements to a permitted Employer Payment Plan as described in IRS Notice 2013-54 Section II B when employers have previously paid or reimbursed the cost of:

The kit is intended to help employers minimize the tax and legal risks outlined in IRS notices 2013-54 and 2015-17. NOTE THAT NO ASURANCE IS OFFERED THAT SMALL BUSINSSES WILL AVOID ANY TAX PENALTY. The approach incorporated by the Toolkit materials is suggested as a good faith compliance measure that, in some cases, may help to support an application for abatement of previously accrued tax penalties. Without corrective action, small businesses run the risk of tax penalties for improper wage tax informational filings as well as the severe $100 per employee per day penalty under IRC 4980D.

The compliance and tax mitigation strategy is to address the offending health plan as soon as possible by amending or terminating the plan (or converting it from an employee benefit plan to a payroll system accommodation and then addressing penalty relief provisions built into IRC 4980D.


The toolkit contains:

  1. Sample document explaining termination of prior health plan and new option available
  2. Sample email cover note communication to employees
  3. Sample employee election form
  4. Sample corporate resolution
  5. Sample ACA notice of Health Insurance Marketplace eligibility
  6. Order form for customizing the tools
  7. Copy of engagement agreement and fair use agreement.

The tools are drafted in the Office 2016 (Office 365) version of Microsoft Word.


The tooklit is not offered as a separate item but only in combination with professional service.

The toolkit is marketed directly to small businesses and to some advisers without charge in connection with a consultation service. There is no separate charge for the Toolkit if requested along with this type off consulting arrangement. If this type of free support offer does not apply then see the Pricing page for rates for regular adviser support rates.


For background information see "Novak’s 2015 small business health plan tax article bibliography". The bibliography is meant as a free public resource and the toolkit is meant as a solicitation of commercial service

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